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Uncomplicated Lives

For all the talk about the question of what Sacred Scripture says or does not say about being rich (or privileged or educated) and poor (or underprivileged or uneducated), there seems to be missing a far more important and meaningful point. Whether we are rich or poor, modern culture drives us toward distraction from God, disintegration in the self, distance from others, and dissonance in prayer. The only way to combat this sad state of affairs is to simplify our lives.

Christ calls us to lead uncomplicated lives. And no matter where we fall on the socio-economic or educational continuum, it is our duty to live with a focus on God, discerning His will, working that out in the most straightforward way possible, and communicating with Him and others with and through prayer.

That is why we must rid ourselves of 'agendas' and 'schemes' and desires that lead us away from God and our true selves. Of course, some will object to these comments as being abstract or unrealistic. But the truth is that this is the life of Christ. This is the focus of what it means to be Christian. This is the life of healing from the pain we have given and received; meditating on His existence (especially the Incarnation, Resurrection, and Ascension); and seeking union with Him in this life and the next.


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