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Pride in Prayer

As you deepen your life of prayer and become more aware of God's presence in your life, sometimes you will find that the joy and happiness you experience becomes a type of pride. This is a different type of pride that wells up because you feel 'accomplished in prayer'; excited that you may have had 'visions of angels or saints'; confident that 'God is close to you'; or that you have the ability to 'teach others how to do what you've done'.

While it's never wrong to be positive about the fact that you have new awareness of God; can quantify that your prayer times are more consistent; can reflect on meditations that bring you to a deeper place; it is never right to believe that you've done this work on your own or that you've achieved some type of enlightened state.

Always, always, always remind yourself that God is doing 99% of the work. And acknowledge that the 1% of the work you're doing to be closer to Him is such an enormous task that it will take a lifetime to master it. That's why it's so important to pray MORE today, serve MORE people this week, confess MORE every month, and humble yourself MORE at every moment of your life.

This is how you will re-train your thoughts and behaviors to be more open to God's action in your life. The more you experience Him, the more you must find time for silence and stillness.

God is holy. God is one. May we want to be in Him as much as He wants to be in us.


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