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Don't Go It Alone

When we get attacked by our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, we might feel challenged to a point of withdrawing from the life of the Church. After all, how can one see Christ clearly when priests, parishioners and posers of all sorts reflect a portrait of the evil one more than the pariah that hung on the cross?

If you feel a need to withdraw when this happens, first go deeply into prayer. This can be hard to do when you're feeling challenged and especially so if you're being outwardly attacked. Meditate on the life of Christ and consider how often and by how many different people he was rejected. Without becoming arrogant, walk in the surety that if you live in and reflect the light of Christ, much the same will happen to you. Next, give way to silence. This is the hardest to do at a time when you feel isolated by God will fill you with his warmth and love.

Never go it alone. Seek the protection of the Mother of God, ask for guidance from the Most Holy Spirit and reach out to friends in Christ who share your desire for a more prayerful, more respectful, and truly divine purpose in the daily life of a parish.

Keep the faith by keeping in prayer. Silence truly is golden.


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