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Enkindling the Spirit

"It is true that the Spirit of Pentecost was tangible and visible as flames of fire. Nevertheless, this Spirit has never cooled or died down. Its fire is latent in the hearts that know how to enkindle it with prayer, humility, and love. The fire of the Holy Spirit is alive and needs only to be fanned. It awaits the oil of grace to inflame the charisms and enhance the unction.

"Blessed are those who gather every day even one drop of this oil, for they shall see how the Spirit burns and how the fragrant smell of Christ spreads abroad. Just as the busy bee gathers her honey from the nectar of flowers, we gather oil through vigil, self-sacrifice, and genuine meekness, through sweet poverty and joyful fasting, through ceaseless supplication, through honoring all people and giving thanks for everything, through a tongue that blesses every name."

- Matthew the Poor in The Communion of Love, p. 173.


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