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St. Basil, Pray for Us to Know the Spirit

St. Basil, good shepherd of Cappadocia and defender of the Holy Spirit; pray for us so that we too may find intimacy with the Advocate, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth. Help us to know that:

"Through His [the Holy Spirit] aid, hearts are lifted up, the weak are held by the hand, and they who are advancing are brought to perfection. Shining upon those that are cleansed from every spot, He makes them spiritual by fellowship with Himself. Just as when a sunbeam falls on bright and transparent bodies, they themselves become brilliant too, and shed forth a fresh brightness from themselves, so souls wherein the Spirit dwells, illuminated by the Spirit, themselves become spiritual, and send forth their grace to others (St. Basil, On the Holy Spirit, chapter 9, paragraph 23).

Teach us to reach out, in prayer, to the Most Holy Spirit who is present in all places and filling all things.


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