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A Sick, Sad, Twisted Affair

When was the last time

I reflected on

The possibility of

Eternal punishment?

It's such a sick, sad, twisted affair.

No, not this thing

We call damnation.

Not even the fate of sheep and goats.

It's this place we call life

That really bothers me.

The pit we call human relationships.

A real cesspool of humiliation and degradation.

All the while

These two realities

Stare us straight in the face:

The world of now and the world to come.

Rarely a motivator

Infrequently a rejuvenator

We run away from it

Because it is hard to hear.

Perhaps because

Some reformer somewhere

Decided scarring and scaring you

Was the best way to catechize.

It's simpler than that really.

There's darkness,

Then there's illuminated darkness,

That's the real choice.

Nihilism or apophaticism?

Falling deeper into an abyss

Or climbing the mountain?

Choose. Choose now!

Icon of the Last Judgment by Viktor Vasnetsov (1848-1926).


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